Andrew and his three children, Auren, Fern, and Meer, are longtime homesteaders managing their small farm and woodlot just south of Gooderham, Ontario. Bedrock and Brambles is named for the rugged shield country where they’re raising chickens and goats, building hugelkultur beds, and sharing their knowledge and experience with visitors. Bedrock and Brambles is a forest homestead meant to support Andrew and his family, but is also an example of creative and regenerative agriculture on the Canadian shield with a long term vision for community resiliency, meaningful lifestyle, and change.

Bedrock and Brambles is best known for breeding Gold-Laced Wyandotte chickens, but also keeps a herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats for milking. The homestead business also offers events that demonstrate and teach homestead skills, including all things relating to chickens, composting and hugelkultur, natural ecology and woodlot management.